Professional Telephone Skills

"Building confidence with customers over the telephone"

Overall Aim:

The focus of the workshop is to help staff develop a greater understanding of the importance of communicating effectively with customers over the telephone.  Participants will learn how to develop the essential communication skills needed in building confidence with customers, whilst presenting a professional image at all times.

Who Should Attend:

A practical and interactive one-day workshop, the course is designed for staff, who talk to customers each day by telephone – includes general staff in customer service, administration, reception, accounts, order processing to name but a few. 


After completing the workshop, each participant will be able to:

  • Apply highly developed communication skills for improved customer relations
  • Portray a professional image at all times
  • Overcome reluctance and build confidence on the telephone
  • Improve their efficiency on the telephone through better preparation and planning
  • Become more aware of communications by telephone
  • Learn to really listen to customers and understand what they really need
  • React and attend to the customers’ expectations and needs
  • Become more assertive in asking the right questions and getting customer feedback
  • Be able to know how and when to control the call
  • Build more personalised communications with clients generating happier customers
  • Build trust with the customer, whilst portraying a helpful and friendly impression
  • Apply adaptable skills to deal with difficult situations in a confident and competent manner

Workshop Content:

  • Top frustrations of a caller
  • Why people do business over the telephone
  • Communication skills
  • The importance of first impressions
  • Attitudes on the telephone and dealing with humour
  • Preparation and planning of calls
  • Overcoming reluctance and building confidence
  • Using empathy rather than sympathy
  • Talking in the customer’s language
  • The importance of a tone of voice
  • Understanding the customer’s needs - ask the right questions and verify
  • Know when and how to control the call
  • Deal with and overcome objections
  • Build lasting relations with customers when completing the call

Training method:

The training takes the form of a one-day workshop, with group discussions, exercises, case studies and feedback based on individual/group needs.  Each learner receives a workshop manual.  A second follow up mentoring day can be provided where participants make live calls.

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