Assertiveness Skills Training

"Develop great self-confidence & assertiveness skills for day to day communications"

Overall Aim:

The aim of the workshop is to help participants build their confidence and enhance their communications skills in their personal and professional lives.  Participants will gain a greater awareness of the importance of adopting assertive behaviour so they learn to say no and stand up for what they need without upsetting others or cause conflict.  They will also learn the significance of body language and the necessary skills required to identify and work with different communication styles, manage various situations to influence others positively.

Who Should Attend:

A practical and interactive one-day workshop, the course is designed for staff, who wish to build their confidence and become more assertive in their daily interactions with people – includes staff at any level such as technical support, customer service, administration, client facing, etc.


After completing the workshop, each participant will be able to:

  • Become more assertive in their day to day interactions with customers
  • Apply highly developed communications skills for improved relations
  • Become more self-aware and develop self-belief from the inside out
  • Identify the various styles of behaviour and how we respond to them
  • Understand the power of body language to create a powerful presence
  • Present a professional image and portray a confident attitude even under pressure
  • Speak with clarity, listen effectively and ask questions to get the desired outcome
  • Identify a personal communication style and how best to adapt to others
  • Learn to recognise other people’s communication styles and work effectively with each
  • Talk to customers in their own language - know what to say and how to say it
  • Distinguish between assertive and aggressive behaviour
  • Apply various assertion skills in a confident and competent manner
  • Learn to say “no” without upsetting or intimidating others
  • Learn to effectively deal with different personalities and aggressive behaviour
  • Devise strategies to diffuse the situation – deal with criticism, remain calm & speak clearly

Workshop Content:

  • The essence of effective customer communication
  • Build confidence and self-belief for professional and personal gain
  • Three types of human behaviour – assertive, aggressive and submissive
  • Identify our natural response in various situations
  • Assertive behaviour – the appropriate behaviour for interacting with customers
  • The power of body language to build a powerful presence
  • The importance of a positive attitude to create great impressions
  • Essential and active listening skills and the skill of using clever questions
  • Project your voice – it’s not what we say, it’s how we say it
  • Identity a personal communication style and work effectively with it
  • Work with other communication styles and get the best out of each
  • Develop strategies to apply different assertion styles for various situations
  • Learn to say “no” and set boundaries with composure
  • Be assertive when dealing with aggressive behaviour
  • Manage numerous types of customers and stressful situations positively
  • Deal with criticism, remain calm, speak clearly and diffuse the situation

Training method:

The training will take the form of a one-day workshop, with group discussions, exercises & feedback based on individual/group needs.  Each participant will receive a workshop manual.

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