Welcome to 1-to-1 mentoring

At Call Focus, we understand that companies constantly need to evolve in order to survive and succeed as the market changes. Similarly new businesses owners need to be able to turn their wonderful business idea into a viable and profitable business.

At some stage, many businesses (young or old) face challenges especially when they undertake a new project or when they require new skills beyond their own experience.

They need assistance and support so that they can create successful strategies to overcome these barriers, develop new skills and make the right decision for their business. They want independent and informed advice, but they want do the work themselves so that they can learn from their experience.

Call Focus can help these companies by giving them the guidance and “know how” in implementing these changes through mentoring. We have vast experience in sales, marketing, business planning and business development and are happy to share our expertise “having been there, done that!”

As professional mentors, our role will be to listen, counsel and help these businesses learn the necessary skills to explore, challenge and choose the right strategies for their business in an informed and unbiased way.

We don’t get involved in the day to day running of the business, but we are there to act as independent advisors to be called upon for support and for working through ideas.

Call Focus has over 9 years’ experience working a mentor with Enterprise Ireland and a number of County Enterprise Boards. We have 30 years practical business experience, 15 of them as a business owner. Karen has a number of business qualifications including a special award in Mentoring & Managing People.