Welcome to Services

Running a business is no easy feat, especially with the challenges and demands companies face on a daily basis. The lifeline for any business is its customers, and as the market changes so do the demands of our customers. To succeed, companies need to put their customers first every time and listen to what they need.

Call Focus understands that to build confidence with customers we need to make them feel special. We need to look at things through our customer’s eyes so that we can learn to appreciate what is important to them.

At Call Focus, we provide expert “hands-on” advice to help companies design, plan and implement a streamlined, yet cost effective sales and marketing approach that will develop quality sales leads, enhance customer relations, measure and improve productivity and ultimately increase sales.

We work a strategic level in identifying the needs of each customer, right through to assisting in the implementation of these projects by focusing on the following:

As a small business, we pride ourselves as being in a unique position to offer flexible yet customised services to suit our client’s needs. By adapting a partnership approach, we strive to learn as much as possible about our clients business so that we can provide practical and relevant solutions that will have a significant impact on their business.

In this capacity, we ensure maximum results in the recruitment of new customers, whilst managing and nurturing our client’s existing customer base profitability.

Once we have finished the project, we don’t stop there. We offer on-going telephone and email support to all our clients, so they can contact us for guidance or advice at any time.