Sales Planning & Lead Generation

"Explore new avenues & create new opportunities to increase sales"

Overall Aim:

The aim of the workshop is to help business owners or staff who are now taking on the responsibility of sales, to gain a strategic insight and “helicopter” view into developing cost-effective strategies to generate sales. Participants will learn the necessary skills to help them explore new avenues for generating leads, effectively network both on and off line, build alliances and develop opportunities with existing clients.  They will also learn the steps to create slick, results driven, targeted and worthwhile sales campaigns (direct mail and telephone) to develop relations and win sales.  

Who Should Attend:

A practical and interactive one day workshop, the course is designed to give business owners or staff now responsible for sales a “helicopter” view for different ways to develop leads and generate sales.


After completing the workshop, each participant will be able to:

  • Develop sales strategies to generate leads, build the pipeline and increase sales
  • Recognise various customer groups – learn more about their needs and expectations
  • Use customer information intelligently to create new ideas & design cost effective campaigns
  • Find, source and build “hot” prospect lists for generating sales leads
  • Discover new avenues to find sales leads and create mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Develop the power of networking and effectively become the “go to” guy every time
  • Work the room, create a powerful presence, get on the customers side & make a connection
  • Build rapport, identify needs and get real feedback using clever questioning and listening skills
  • Embrace the market proactively and quickly using the power of social media
  • Apply cost effective campaigns to contact customers / prospects using direct marketing
  • Work out numbers, forecast accurately, achieve targets with resources & timescales on hand
  • Learn the key steps to design clever direct mail letters and understand the power of email
  • Apply the AIDA principle in creating attention grabbing telephone scripts for new business
  • Follow up on leads at each stage of the sales cycle to increase opportunities and get a sale
  • Analyse activities to identify future opportunities, improve results and get repeat business

Workshop Content:

  • Design sales strategies to explore new avenues, qualify leads and generate sales.
  • Define various customer groups - get to know more about their needs & expectations
  • Database marketing – gather customer information & build a customer database (using CRM)
  • Source leads – how, where, when and what to look for when sourcing new leads
  • Widen your net– build relations by networking, managing referrals & strategic partnerships
  • Power of body language - work the room, build great rapport and make the right impression
  • The perfect 15 second elevator pitch to grab customers attention and generate interest
  • Listen actively and ask the right questions to identify opportunities and build referrals
  • Present your company differently – learn the value of using social media
  • Benefits of using direct marketing - target customers, maximise results & build a sales pipeline
  • The numbers game - set realistic conversion rates using resources & timescales available
  • The do’s and don’ts of “dazzling” sales letters and using email to grab the customer’s attention
  • Top tips for winning telephone scripts – build confidence with customers and generate results
  • The importance of following up – maximise opportunities at each step of the sales cycle
  • Analyse results, increase sales and build repeat customers

Training method:

Training takes the form of a one day workshop, with group discussions, case studies, individual assistance & feedback based on individual/group needs with a course manual provided.

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