Sales - the Art of Selling

"Enhance your sales skills & perfect steps of the sales cycle to increase sales"

Overall Aim:

The aim of this workshop is to help business owners and sales staff achieve a greater understanding of what motivates people to buy and become more effective in their ability to influence and communicate with customers in order to grow sales. The participants will learn to develop the skills and techniques to gain a greater awareness of customer’s expectations, to confidently overcome and deal with objections, generate leads and ultimately increase sales whilst building valuable customer relations.

Who Should Attend:

A practical and interactive one day workshop, the course is designed for business owners or staff responsible for generating leads and managing sales within the business


After completing the workshop, each participant will be able to:

  • Develop sales strategies to generate leads, build the pipeline and increase sales
  • Work out numbers, forecast accurately, achieve targets to manage the sales pipeline
  • Apply adaptable skills to generate sales leads in a confident and competent manner
  • Overcome reluctance, build confidence, know how to approach customers
  • Have the right attitude, create a professional image & build trust with customers
  • Build rapport with interesting greetings and get their attention
  • Learn to really listen to customers and pre-empt customers’ needs and expectations
  • Ask the right questions to qualify sales and get customer feedback
  • Talk to customers in their own language and make the connection
  • Guide the customer effectively through each stage of the sales presentation
  • Build a case, present the benefits and handle objections effectively
  • Show discretion and tactfulness, when helping customers make the right decision
  • Create new opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell additional sales
  • Learn to recognise buying signals and know when and how to ask for the order
  • Follow up on leads and generate more sales by keeping in touch with customers

Workshop Content:

  • Design sales strategies to develop the pipeline, qualify leads and generate sales.
  • The numbers game – forecast accurately, set realistic conversion rates & achieve targets
  • Overcome reluctance and deal with rejection through preparation and planning
  • The importance of a positive attitude to create great first impressions
  • Embrace the power of body language for effective customer communication
  • Portray a powerful presence,  build rapport & get the customer on side
  • Influence customers with your tone of voice – it’s not what we say, it’s how we say it
  • Listen actively to build rapport and get the customer talking
  • Guide the customer through the 4 steps of the sales presentation
  • Ask the right questions to identify opportunities & discover the customer’s needs
  • Match the customer’s needs with your product or service offering
  • Talk the customer’s language, present relevant benefits and make a connection
  • Pre-empt customer issues, deal with objections and qualify the price
  • When and how to up-sell and cross-sell effectively
  • Avoid overselling, recognise verbal buying signals and ask for the appointment/ order
  • Follow up strategies to get feedback, build valuable relations & get repeat business

Training method:

The training takes the form of a one-day workshop, with group discussions, exercises, case studies and feedback based on individual/group needs.  Each learner receives a workshop manual.  A second follow up mentoring day can be provided for role-plays or in coaching staff in making outgoing “live” sales calls.

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