Run an Effective Telesales Campaign

"Create slick sales campaigns to win customers and increase sales"

Overall Aim:

The aim of the workshop is to help business owners, sales managers or senior staff to learn the key steps involved to set up and manage successful campaigns.  Participants will learn the necessary skills to help them design results driven, targeted and cost effective lead generation campaigns that will create sales opportunities, win customers, reduce the sales cycle & increase conversion rates.  Topics include telephone sales, database marketing, resource planning, writing telephone scripts, direct mail, setting targets, measuring results & using integrated campaigns.

Who should Attend:

A practical & interactive one day workshop the course is designed for business owners, sales and operations managers, or senior staff responsible for generating leads & managing sales & telesales.


After completing the workshop, each participant will be able to:

  • Develop telesales strategies to generate leads, build the pipeline and increase sales
  • Build a customer framework and learn more about your customer’s needs and expectations
  • Qualify leads, identify groups and build valuable information on your customers using CRM
  • Utilise the telephone and discover new opportunities to generate leads & develop customer relations
  • Work out the true value of existing customers versus new customers
  • Choose the best options to combine telemarketing with other direct marketing activities
  • Apply the key steps involved in running successful and cost effective telesales campaigns
  • Identify, source and build “hot” prospect lists for generating sales leads
  • Design slick direct mail letters and understand the power of email
  • Work out realistic targets and conversion rates to achieve sales forecast
  • Estimate and allocate adequate budgets and resources to run successful campaigns
  • Create attention grabbing telephone scripts for every occasion to get results
  • Know when to effectively follow up leads at each stage of the sales cycle
  • Analyse activities to identify opportunities, improve results and get a better ROI in the future

Workshop Content:

  • Define key objectives and design telesales strategies that succeed
  • Define various customer groups - get to know more about their needs & expectations
  • Database marketing – gather customer details to qualify leads and define customer groups
  • The power of the telephone to win business and communicate effectively with customers
  • Benefits of direct marketing – target customers, maximise results & build the pipeline
  • Using an integrated marketing approach to maximise results and budgets
  • Create a cost effective telesales process to generate leads & maximise sales opportunities
  • The true value of a customer – how much a customer is really worth v’s the cost to recruit one
  • Source leads – how, where, when and what to look for when sourcing new leads
  • Utilise direct mail and email to compliment the telephone for effective communication
  • The do’s and don’ts of writing “dazzling” sales letters to grab the customer’s attention
  • Effective forecasting – set reliable targets and conversion rates to build a healthy pipeline
  • Identify and plan out realistic timescales and resources required to win sales
  • Top tips for writing winning telephone scripts – to build confidence & generate results
  • The importance of following up, keeping in touch & asking for feedback from customers
  • Analyse activities - measure the success of each campaign to plan more cost effectively

Training method:

Training takes the form of a one day workshop, with group discussions, individual assistance, exercises & feedback based on individual/group needs with handouts provided. Follow up mentoring can be provided.

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