Developing & Delivering a Customer Service Ethos

"“Design & build a great customer centric culture& ethos within your organisation”"

Who Should Attend:

A practical and interactive one to two day workshop, the course is designed for all senior staff members who are responsible for developing and driving a customer service ethos within their organisation - includes managers from all areas who interact with customers and stakeholders and internal customers

Overall Aim:

The aim of this workshop is to enable managers and staff create a customer service ethos within their organisation. Participants will learn the importance of a customer centric ethos by bringing together all aspects of the business such as the systems and processes, whilst driving a customer service focus/ethos amongst staff.  As a result, they will learn to successfully set and manage customer expectations, provide clear communication and know the key steps needed to carry out the delivery of excellent customer service.


After completing the workshop, each participant will be able to:

  • Identify what the organisation stands for in terms of customer service
  • The importance of delivering great customer service to meet customer’s expectations
  • Create customer service goals and acceptable standards in providing customer service
  • Identify your customer service promise and commitment to customers
  • Understand the 5 key factors (RATER) needed to deliver great customer service every time
  • Discover each step of the service cycle (moment of truth) and set realistic expectations
  • Learn to delight customers & exceed customer expectations at each stage of the service cycle
  • Design a customer service charter for the business
  • Set and agree acceptable service level agreement (SLA) standards for meeting customers’ expectations
  • Design a strategy of implementation for working through the key steps of the framework
  • Devise a communications plan for interacting with customers using various media
  • Identify key messages and objectives for briefing staff and in organising training
  • Carry out continuous measurement to ensure standards are maintained by staff
  • Create a culture where customers are encouraged to give feedback & a complaint is seen as a gift

Workshop content

  • Define what customer service means to you and your business
  • Set goals for building a customer service ethos and framework
  • Building your customer service promise
  • How customers evaluate service - RATER (reliable, assurance, tangibles, empathy, responsive)
  • Exceptional service is in the detail – understand the “moments of truth” within the service cycle
  • Identify the key steps of the service cycle and how it is incorporated into the business
  • Do ordinary things extraordinarily well – how to wow customers & exceed expectations
  • Key steps in designing a customer service blue print for mapping out the service cycle
  • Develop a customer service charter
  • Set reasonable SLA standards to deal with customers, suppliers and stakeholders
  • Devise a strategy and action plan for building the framework – setting priorities, actions and timelines
  • Create a communications policy for all customer interactions
  • The ongoing delivery of a companywide customer service ethos via communications & training
  • Setting benchmarks for measuring and monitoring customer service levels 
  • Make it easy for customers to give feedback for ongoing improvement

Training method

The training will take the form of a one to two day workshop, with group discussions, exercises & feedback based on individual/group needs.  Each participant will receive a workshop manual.

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