Developing Customer Retention Sales Strategies

"Increase sales revenues & create new opportunities by developing existing customer relationships"

Overall Aim:

The aim of the workshop is to help sales staff gain a greater understanding of the importance in developing customer retention strategies, in order to improve their account management skills, enhance relationships, create new opportunities and get repeat sales.  Participants will learn the necessary skills to help them gain a strategic insight into devising a customer centric business by building partnerships with key customers.  In turn, this will help them create value and ultimately increase potential revenue, referrals and opportunities with each customer. 

Who should Attend:

A practical and interactive one-day workshop, this course is designed for any sales staff, who are responsible for account managing and retaining existing customers in order to increase sales revenue and grow the business.


After completing the workshop, each participant will be able to:

  • Apply the key steps of account management in order to retain and grow customers
  • Create a successful plan with a customer centred focus
  • Evaluate your customers and recognise various customer groups
  • Measure the true lifetime value of a customer and identify your key accounts
  • Design and implement customer retention strategies for your target groups
  • Organise your day and allocate time to accounts offering the greatest opportunities
  • Build realistic plans to strengthen the customer relationship, add value and increase revenue
  • Look at the customers business from their perspective and learn what’s important to them
  • Adapt communications with customers to suit their individual needs and satisfy expectations
  • Develop long-term partnerships with customers and become their preferred supplier
  • Analyse customer data regularly  to identify gaps and opportunities to help them succeed
  • Increase sales revenue through repeat sales, win back dormant customers and ask for referrals
  • Use customer information intelligently to create new ideas & design cost effective campaigns
  • Identify opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell and enhance the customer experience
  • Measure activities on an ongoing basis to improve results, enhance relations and get repeat business

Workshop content:

  • Follow the key steps for successful account management in a customer centred business
  • Set out criteria to identify your most valuable customers and various customer groups
  • Work out the average lifetime value of a customer
  • Break down your customer-base and devise strategies to suit each target group
  • Set realistic goals to increase profitability, grow and retain customers
  • Examine your customers to determine the potential of each customer
  • Make the best of your time, get organised and focus on the right customers
  • Create win-win strategies to help customers succeed whilst you grow your business
  • Become a strategic supplier and business partner to your customers
  • Build customer intelligence to help you personalise communications for better account management
  • Regularly analyse data to understand customers better, add value and strengthen the relationship
  • Nurture your customers  to become “raving fans” to gain their loyalty and generate referrals
  • Devise targeted sales and marketing campaigns  to upsell, cross-sell and win back dormant accounts
  • Keep in touch – to maximise opportunities at each step of the customer lifecycle
  • Analyse results and measure the ongoing potential with each customer for repeat sales

Training method:

Training takes the form of a one to two day workshop, with group discussions, case studies, individual assistance & feedback based on individual/group needs with a course manual provided.

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