Consumer Law Ready

"Develop a greater understanding of your legal obligations of EU consumer law for better business"

Overall Aim:

A European Union funded project, the aim of this programme is to assist business owners and staff develop a greater understanding of consumer rights and their corresponding legal responsibilities. Participants will enhance their knowledge on consumer rights so they can fulfil their legal duties in their day-to-day interaction with consumers.  As a result, companies will be able to provide a more professional approach to customers and a better quality of service.  This will help them develop more trusting relations, reduce complaints, potentially avoid penalties and fine and finally empower staff with clearer guidelines and instructions. The project is being managed by a consortium of umbrella Organizations at a European Level, (BEUC, UEAPME and Eurochambers) and is being led out across Europe each Member State.  

Who Should Attend:

A practical and interactive two-day workshop, the course is designed for any small to medium sized business owners and staff who interact with consumers wishing to develop a greater understanding of their legal obligations of EU consumer law


After completing the workshop, each participant will be able to:

  • Create the basis & provide consumers with the right information for a product / service before a sale
  • Differentiate between selling environments, make informed decisions for on-premises, distant & off-premises
  • Promote product /service, whilst providing the necessary details at the pre--contractual stage
  • Be aware of your legal obligations to consumers in their right to withdrawal - distance & off-premises contracts
  • Identify the steps & create the right conditions to comply with consumers right to withdraw from a sale
  • Advise consumers of their rights to withdraw upon receipt of the product in every situation
  • Differentiate between commercial & legal guarantees & know what information is needed, when & how to give it
  • Break down characteristics of the guarantee to understand levels of responsibility, conformity & duties
  • Choose the right protocol when dealing with defective products & your obligations to offer remedies
  • Help consumers make a free and fully informed economic decision when buying a product/ service
  • Follow the rules to avoid unfair commercial practices & unfair contract terms, avoid penalties & fines
  • Promote & market your product/ service without misleading actions, omissions & aggressive practices
  • Inform consumers of your legal obligations to resolve disputes with consumers out of court
  • Engage with the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) & ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) to resolve disputes

Workshop Content:

The Handbook consists of five modules. Each one deals with one particular topic of EU consumer law:

  • Module 1 deals with the rules on pre-contractual information requirements
  • Module 2 presents the rules on the consumer right to withdraw from distance and off-premises contracts
  • Module 3 concentrates on the remedies which traders must provide when products are defective
  • Module 4 focuses on unfair commercial practices and unfair contract terms
  • Module 5 introduces alternative dispute resolution and the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform, an official website managed by the European Commission dedicated to helping consumers and traders resolve their disputes out-of-court.

Training method:

The training will take the form of a two-day workshop, with group discussions, exercises & feedback based on individual/group needs.  Each participant will receive handouts and a copy of the consumer Law Ready guidebook.  The website contains other learning tools, such as videos, quizzes and an 'e-test' through which you can obtain a certificate. 

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