Efficient sales & marketing process

Once the right sales and marketing strategy has been decided, we work with clients to help them realise their idea, and apply the right approach to meet the demands of their business in a cost effective way.

Our clients learn to assess and develop the most effective way to manage sales and marketing activities within the business. They do this by focusing on how companies communicate with customers at each step of the sales cycle.

At Call Focus, we help clients identify ways to maximise opportunities, improve productivity and increase conversion rates so they can build a healthy pipeline. Sometimes, it also entails looking at a client's existing process and in advising them of various ways to improve efficiencies and eliminate wastage.

We work with management to help them improve forecasting, resource planning and performance of staff. Simultaneously we show them how to track leads using an automated database (CRM) and measure various sales and marketing activities.

We also support our clients in the introduction of the new approach by providing staff training. This helps to motivate staff and boast their morale, as they up-skill and learn new techniques to carry out their job more effectively. These areas include the following:

  • Devise key steps involved in designing process – identify where gaps and opportunities exist
  • Development of processes within sales and marketing function
  • Establish cost effective approach for various customer groups
  • Build a healthy sales pipeline
  • Sales forecasting and resource planning
  • Measuring and tracking performance of sales and marketing activity
  • Coordinate process to tie in with the CRM database system
  • Introduction and implementation of sales process with relevant personnel (where required)