Introduce sales & marketing (CRM) database

The most vital sales and marketing tool in any business is the customer and prospect sales and marketing database.  Call Focus can help companies to create and build a comprehensive database, giving them a competitive edge as they quickly learn which 20% of customers are giving them 80% of their business.

By understanding more about their customer database, our clients learn to recognise what makes their customers and prospects “tick” and what they really want.  At Call Focus, we help these businesses to build intelligence about their customer preferences whilst learning to build a healthy sales pipeline. 

We can do this by introducing a new sales and marketing database (CRM – Customer Relationship Management) or by enhancing their existing one.  We work with a number of IT companies and help source the appropriate system for our client.  

We advise them in developing strategies to manage each lead through every stage of the sales cycle from the time of enquiry through to the appointment and in closing the sale using the CRM.  By being able to see the potential value of prospects and customers, they quickly identify the profitability of each.  As a result, they can predict the value of their sales pipeline more effectively and decide which customers they wish to target and create the appropriate sales and marketing strategies for different groups of people. 

Customers and leads will never be forgotten in an effective database – every opportunity can be followed up increasing the chance for success whilst opening up new avenues for continuous business.  The overall advantages of introducing an effective sales and marketing database are:

  • Profile customers and prospects and learn their opinions, needs and wants
  • Market segmentation – develop cost effective sales strategies around customer groups
  • Dash board view of sales pipeline and accurate forecasting
  • Identify quality sales opportunities more effectively
  • Personalised marketing campaigns to target groups
  • Reduce costs and improve conversion rates
  • Store all customer details and related documents in history – better relations
  • Better timing due to scheduled activities – follow up calls and appointments
  • Increase in customer retention rates and repeat business (opportunities to up-sell, cross-sell)