How it Works

At Call Focus, we focus on ensuring that everything we do is customised to suit the needs of our clients. This starts from our first meeting and when we take the brief, to the design and preparation right through to the delivery and implementation of the project.

Before each project begins, we make every effort to gain an extensive insight into our client’s business, so that we can come up with workable and practical solutions that will produce substantial results.

We work with the key team members to work out the main objectives, concerns, opportunities and bottlenecks for the business. As a result, we can quickly identify the gaps and the steps required for bringing the project “alive”. This allows us to draw up and agree the “action plan”.

The second phase of the project takes up the bulk of the work where we roll out and implement the agreed plan. As a result, this allows us to forecast achievable targets, create targeted marketing campaigns, generate quality leads, build a healthy pipeline, increase staff confidence and customer satisfaction, track opportunities and ultimately increase sales.

As a small business, we also understand that that the scope of any project will depend on the priorities, budgets and resources available to each client. So, we are happy to offer a flexible approach.

We can “roll up our sleeves” and provide on-going “hands-on” support throughout the job where we can take responsibility for the planning, design and implementation of the project from a sales and operational perspective.

Sometimes, it makes more sense to offer clients a combined approach where we provide some “hands-on” assistance, whilst working as an “independent advisor”, mentor or trainer stepping in to provide expert help at various times.

Once we have finished the project, we don’t stop there.  We offer on-going telephone and email support to all our clients, so they can contact us for guidance or advice at any time.