Direct marketing campaigns

It was said once “50% of all advertising is wasted, but the trouble is which half!”

The target market for many companies is quite specific. Often they have limited marketing budgets so they don’t want to waste their money pursuing the wrong people, even if they manage to reach some customers along the way.

At Call Focus, we understand that companies want value for money from any marketing activity they undertake. We help companies like these identify their target customer and plan focused and relevant marketing campaigns. This includes all aspects of direct marketing including direct mail, email marketing, telesales, SMS messages and sales promotions. And, for clients that wish to embrace the power of the social media, we can help this in this areas too or put them in touch with one of our social media associates.

Just as important, we help our clients’ measure what marketing activities are working for them, so that they can establish which half of their money has been spent wisely rather than wasted. We put systems in place to track success rates and measure the return of investment (ROI) on each campaign, so they can see which activities are more profitable compared to others.

  • Overview of various campaigns - create approaches for each campaign or channel
  • Design of innovative campaigns for each target market / customer group
  • Identify up-selling and cross selling opportunities with existing clients
  • Identify value added opportunities to integrate sales and marketing activities
  • Set targets, resources and timeframes involved in managing and measuring campaigns.
  • Integrate campaigns to reduce costs and maximise success rates
  • Implement new campaign ideas using various forms of direct marketing
  • Tie campaigns into CRM system – track and monitor activities
  • Manage campaigns as leads are generated and turn enquiries into business
  • Introduce campaigns with key staff along with goals, target and expectations to be achieved.