Database marketing & data management

Companies that successfully use a sales and Marketing (CRM - Customer Relationship Management) database can gain a strategic insight into their customer, maximise opportunities and build a healthy sales pipeline.

At Call Focus, we recognise that the more companies learn more about their customer’s needs, preferences and opinions - the more successful they will be.  So we help our clients get the best out of their sales and marketing database by looking at how they communicate with customers.

We do this by focusing on their database so that it clearly reflects the profile of their customer, captures the right information and mirrors the appropriate sales approach and key factors that are important for our client’s business.  

As a result, they can quickly develop cost effective sales and marketing strategies and create targeted direct marketing campaigns to various groups of customers.  By being able to measure the effectiveness of their sales and marketing activities, they can eliminate wastage and increase their chances of success.

Clients also learn to develop greater customer loyalty through personalised relations by gathering market intelligence and important customer details. This helps them “churn” their database so that they can create marketing campaigns to up-sell, cross-sell and generate repeat business. As a result, they get to enjoy a greater return on investment (ROI) on all sales and marketing activities. The key areas include:

  • Identifying greater target marketing through customer profiling
  • Market segmentation – develop strategies around customer groups
  • Sourcing lists of potential customers
  • List building and list management – building intelligence on customers
  • Introduction and/ or enhancement of automated database (CRM)
  • Design of database to suit business needs – introduce key criteria for analysing sales
  • Tracking and reporting – identify and analyse the KPI’s
  • Measuring opportunities for new or repeat business (up-sell, cross-sell)
  • Scheduling leads in diary for follow up and actions
  • Database marketing – design of campaigns for various customer groups