Customer charters & customer care programmes

The easiest and most profitable business to win has always been from existing satisfied customers.  In fact, it has been said that, it is 5 times easier to sell to an existing customer than to recruit a new one.

At Call Focus, we believe that delivering excellent customer care is essential to win the loyalty of customers, which ultimately translates into increased sales. This stems from having a customer focused philosophy right through to the development of a customer charter / code of practice and customer care programmes within the business.

A Customer Charter/Code of Practice makes it easy for customers to access an organisation's services, whilst promoting quality. Customers learn the standards of service to expect, what to do if something goes wrong and how they should make contact. It helps staff learn to understand what’s expected of them and to recognise that complaints can be a gift for improving service and in generating new ideas or loyal customers!

We encourage our clients to communicate regularly with their customers, to reward loyalty and to ask for their feedback and opinions.  As a result, we help our clients design and deliver personalised customer care programmes that will help them to stay in touch with customers and develop profitable customer relations. 

All of these activities can be achieved through the following:

  • Customer loyalty and reward schemes
  • Customer acquisition/ retention programmes via sales and marketing activities
  • Customer satisfaction surveys - identify areas of pride and ways to improve
  • Customer comparison bench-marking studies within the industry
  • Development and implementation of customer charter/ code of practice
  • Design and introduction of SLA’s (service level agreements)
  • Customer service training for staff