Channel sales & marketing

Choosing the right sales and marketing channel is crucial for any company looking to introduce a new product or service to the marketplace. Likewise, we understand that there are times when companies need to change tact and identify new ways to reach their customers in a more cost effective way.

At Call Focus, we help companies to explore and identify the right channel for their product or service, whether they choose to use agents, resellers, direct field sales, telesales, retail, web or mobile or other distribution channels.

By understanding the possible problems companies may face in developing these channels, we bring valuable and winning solutions that will open up new opportunities for our client’s business. This entails looking at factors such as the complexity of the product/ service, the target market, the placement and price points and more importantly how it ties in with our client’s sales and marketing strategy.

We help companies create the right marketing strategy that will create awareness, build customer loyalty, generate sales and increase market share. 

From a sales perspective, companies need to ensure their resellers and agents are committed and motivated to sell the products and services successfully. We help our clients design and deliver the vital sales and marketing strategies, product guides and essential sales training. Through a combined approach, our clients attain the right results using the following:

  • Assessment of sales and marketing channels for customer groups & product offerings
  • Design of new channel strategies to reach new customers
  • Implementation of channel strategies – the A to Z steps to generate new customers