Successful Communications Skills - Online Training

"Communicate assertively & confidently to improve working relations"

Overall Aim:

The aim of this virtual online workshop is to help participants develop the skills to communicate effectively using verbal and non-verbal communications for improved working relations. Participants will learn how to present in a professional and competent manner, whilst ensuring information is provided in a clear and interesting way. They will gain an insight into active listening skills, skilful questions and in providing feedback in a constructive way. They will also learn to identify and work with different styles of communication in order to influence others.

Who Should Attend:

A practical and interactive online workshop, the course is designed for people who communicate daily with internal and external customers by telephone, video conference or face to face – includes staff at any level such as technical support, customer service, administration, client facing, etc.


After completing the workshop, each participant will be able to:

  • Choose the appropriatcommunications tools for interacting with customers
  • Identify barriers to communication & apply highly developed skills to improve working relations
  • Embrace the power of body language & create a powerful presence
  • Learn to really listen to customers, get on their side & make a connection
  • Talk to customers in their own language - know what to say and how to say it
  • Be assertive in asking the right questions and in relying feedback
  • Identify a personal communication style and how best to adapt to others
  • Recognise other people’s communication styles and work effectively with each
  • Apply adaptable skills to deal with difficult situations in a confident and competent manner

Workshop Content:

  • The essence of professional communications to build confidence & trust with customers
  • Overcome barriers of communication & choose the right option (verbal & non-verbal)
  • Create great first impressions, portray the right attitude and talk in the customers language
  • The power of body language to create a powerful presence and influence customers
  • Tone of voice – it’s not what we say, it’s how we say it
  • Embrace active listening skills and ask the right questions to meet expectations
  • Be assertive – the appropriate behaviour to adopt even under pressure
  • Discover your own communication styles & how to interact with others
  • Observe other people’s communication styles & develop better relations with others

Training method:

Training is delivered online over two live classroom sessions (2.5 to 3 hours each) with discussions, exercises and break-out rooms using Zoom. Participants will be required to switch on their laptop video camera and microphone.  All our online courses use a blend of online resources, virtual classroom and social learning. Up to 10 people can be included in online training courses.

This online training module can be part of a larger programme. It can be teamed with other topics (ie customer service, sales or business writing) so training is extended over a longer period.  For some of these longer programmes, there will be group discussions, exercises & feedback based on individual/group needs.  Each participant receives a workshop manual. 

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