Deliver Essential Customer Service - Online Training

"Build confidence with customers, deliver a great customer experience & develop better customer relations"

Overall Aim:

The aim of this online workshop is to help participants develop a greater understanding of the importance of managing and exceeding customer expectations at each step of the service cycle in order to deliver a great customer experience. Participants will learn how customers evaluate service and the core skills needed to help them connect, delight and influence customers or change their impression completely using verbal and non-verbal communication. This includes both internal and external customers.

Who Should Attend:

A practical and interactive online workshop, the course is designed for people who communicate daily with internal and external customers by telephone, video conference or face to face – includes all levels of staff, showroom, frontline, retail, customer service, technical support, administration, reception etc


After completing the workshop, each participant will be able to:

  • Deliver excellent customer service with internal & external customers
  • Adapt their mind-set and look at situations through the eyes of the customer
  • Apply the 5 key factors (RATER) and deliver great customer service every time
  • Unravel each step of the service cycle and find the moments of truth
  • Put customers at ease, portray the right attitude and create a powerful presence
  • Really listen to customers, ask the right questions & make the connection
  • Discover ways to delight customers at each stage of the service cycle
  • Encourage customer feedback in order to improve customer service
  • Show discretion and tactfulness, when making recommendations and following up

Workshop Content:

  • What customer service really means for internal & external customers
  • The importance of a positive attitude to build trust & create great first impressions
  • How customers evaluate service - RATER (reliable, assurance, tangibles, empathy, responsive)
  • Embrace the power of body language to get on the customers side and make a connection
  • Essential and active listening skills and the importance of showing empathy
  • Exceptional service is in the detail - it’s the little things that make the difference
  • Do ordinary things extraordinarily well – WOW customers & exceed expectations
  • Work well under pressure – remain calm and deal with criticism objectively
  • Keep promises, keep customers informed, meet expectations & respond quickly and effectively

Training method:

Training is delivered online over two live classroom sessions (2.5 to 3 hours each) with discussions, exercises and break-out rooms using Zoom. Participants will be required to switch on their laptop video camera and microphone.  All our online courses use a blend of online resources, virtual classroom and social learning. Up to 10 people can be included in online training courses.

This online training module can be part of a larger programme. It can be teamed with other topics (ie communication, customer service, sales or business writing) so training is extended over a longer period.  For some of these longer programmes, there will be group discussions, exercises & feedback based on individual/group needs.  Each participant receives a workshop manual.

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