Mentoring for established businesses

As an organisation grows, many owner managers face new challenges as they move into a new phase of the business. They need practical workable solutions to overcome these obstacles, so they seek an experienced mentor to give them advice and direction.

At Call Focus, we work with established companies to develop their skills and create successful sales and marketing strategies. We do not get involved in the day-to-day running of the business, but we are there to act as independent advisors to be called upon for support and for working through ideas.

We work with both management and staff, and motivate them to question their ideas objectively, so they can overcome these challenges and make the right decisions for their business.

We encourage our clients to look at things differently by playing “devil’s advocate” as we challenge their ideas in a non-threatening and constructive way. In essence, we do the following:

  • For directors or senior managers, we help them learn the necessary skills to explore, challenge and choose the right strategies for their business in an informed and unbiased way
  • We help them build the right sales and marketing structure within the business
  • We help them avoid pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities as they arise
  • We help them to stay focused on the big picture rather than getting side tracked on the day to day
  • We help them create and execute targeted and slick sales and marketing plans
  • We guide management to lead their staff and communicate changes in a positive and effective way
  • We work with staff to apply these strategies and to learn the new skills required

Sometimes we find it is important to work with staff on a one-to-one basis. This is quite useful when they are shy or intimidated in front of their peers or when they need extra help and assistance. However, it is important that the individual is comfortable with this approach and that they do not feel they are being forced to participate in the mentoring.