Our Approach to Training

As the principle trainer at Call Focus, Karen Sommerville takes full responsibility for all of the training from the design and preparation for each course right through to the delivery and feedback to the client. This ensures we keep up to date with training techniques and the customer gets what they want.

Our delivery and training style is very energetic, practical, and interactive; with all exercises and discussions focused around participant’s real life situations and business needs. This helps participates relate more to the training and gain practical knowledge and workable solutions.

We believe in on-going learning and continue to invest in our own training by participating in other workshops allowing us to review other training styles and learn new techniques. The range of training courses includes:

We also understand that client needs are constantly evolving especially as the market changes. So, we encourage clients to give us feedback and share their opinions. This allows us to stay on top of our game and update our training accordingly.

We are proud to say that we regularly achieve satisfaction ratings exceeding 85% on many of our training courses. For companies that wish to maximise the learning experience after the initial day’s training and need to see a “real improvement or change” in the skills or behaviour of staff, we sometimes recommend follow up training.

We always offer on-going telephone and email support to all participants after each workshop, so they can contact us for guidance or advice at any time.