Follow up training & support services

For companies that wish to maximise the learning experience after the initial day’s training and need to see a “real improvement or change” in the skills or behaviour of staff, we recommend follow up training.

The follow up training enhances the initial day’s training by working with staff in “real life” situations. It ensures that staff are not just “attending” a course and forgetting the details of what they have just learnt.

The training helps staff cement everything they have learnt by putting “the training” into practice”. It also acts as a refresher for reminding, evaluating and clarifying issues that may not otherwise arise during the participant’s working day. As a result, companies start to see “real results” within their business.

There are a number of options available depending on a number of key factors such as the nature of the training, the objectives of management and the level of expertise or resources involved. We help clients to choose the right option for their business. The various options include:

  • Listen to live calls – for staff using the phone they gain the benefit of real-time advice & guidance
  • Listening to recorded calls - the best approach for giving feedback with sensitive calls or when working in a busy environment
  • Role playing – an ideal option for working through scenarios with customers especially around sales, customer service, complaint handling & also cash collection
  • Script writing – sales staff get to plan, create & role play their own scripts with advice & guidance 
  • Site visits – accompanying staff on-site is ideal for assessing how they get on with customers
  • Sales & marketing campaign management – put the final piece in the jigsaw to go live with sales related activities
  • Performance management - help staff plan, monitor & analyse time & get the best out of their day

We carry out the training in groups or on a one-to-one basis depending on the number of participants and individual needs. And we don’t just work with staff, we can help management too. We can work with mangers on a one-to-one basis to help them develop the skills of staff, analyse and improve the team’s overall performance.

Once we have finished the training, we don’t stop there. We offer on-going telephone and email support to all participants, so they can contact us for guidance or advice at any time.