In-house & Open Courses

At Call Focus, we understand that “no size fits all” and that companies may have different training needs depending on a number of factors such as the desired outcomes required, the number of staff to be trained or the priorities within the business.

So, we work with clients to help them find the right approach for their business. We help them identify if they require in-house training or wish to attend an open course. For companies contemplating these options they may wish to consider:

Open courses for groups of people

Where companies have one or two staff members that need training in new disciplines, the open programmes will be ideal for them. By bringing participants together from different businesses, they gain the benefit of sharing their experiences and in learning how different businesses deal with similar situations or ideas. These training courses are also ideal for anyone who wants a “refresher” course in a particular discipline.

In-house training workshops for groups of staff

For companies that wish to train a number of staff, in-house training can be very beneficial. Staff come together and learn as a team helping to boast team morale and in shaping the way forward for the business. They are also motivated to learn from each other, share experiences and discuss ideas.

For in-houses workshops, we always adapt each course.  We work with management to design the training to suit the processes, culture and roles of participants with the organisation.  

As training evolves, we keep a record of any queries or ideas that emerge and follow up with the client or participants by carrying out a de-brief. Where feedback to management is sensitive – we carry it out in a diplomatic and confidential way.

One to one training

In our experience, we sometimes find that people need guidance on a one to one basis. This is quite useful when they are shy or intimidated in front of their peers or when they need extra help and assistance. However, it is important that the individual is comfortable with this approach and does not feel that they are being forced to participate. Other times, it may be used when staff are being groomed for new roles or when taking on a unique or specific task.