That back to school feeling

Posted: 22nd August, 2017 in Business start-up, Case Studies, Motivation, Personal effectiveness, Strategy & planning, Time Management, Tips & Tricks

It is that time of year again when the evenings are getting darker earlier, the leaves on the trees are changing colour and the air feels a little chillier than it did 6 weeks ago.

There are advertisements everywhere we look and listen reminding us It’s time to get back to school”.

Parents are feeling the pinch in their pockets as they hurry around checking uniforms and book lists, whilst stocking up on new stationery and school supplies for their children.

Young children starting school wait with excitement and baited breath; whereas teenagers familiar with what the new school term actually means dread the well-known early morning starts and wads of homework that await them over the coming weeks.

I was one of those children who didn’t enjoy school much, yet this time of year also symbolised so much more - new shoes, new books and a new term.

A lot of us will look at January as a time of new beginnings and pledge New Year resolutions with great intentions – many of which we never keep. Yet, every September still represents new beginnings for me. 

After wonderful holidays, sometimes-lazy summer days and long evenings, we come back feeling rested.

Like many businesses, September to Christmas is a very busy time for training. So, I consider this to be a great time for us to press our re-set button and be ready to start again once again.

For companies selling to parents, children, the school and college markets, it is peak selling time and provides a great opportunity for them to reap the benefits and make hay whilst the sun shines.

However, September isn’t just about going back to school and college, it’s a time when many of us revisit our plans, take up new hobbies, sign up for new courses, learn a new skill, re-join gyms, consider home refurbishments, purchase new clothes, plan another holiday or perhaps even set up a business. Clever marketers selling these products and services will design slick and enticing campaigns to lure in customers and reap the harvest.

From our own personal perspective, it is time to recreate that fresh “restart” feeling at work again, so here are a few ideas to share with you:

  • De-clutter and tidy up our workplace
  • Donate unwanted goods and get rid of unnecessary waste
  • Refurbish or freshen up the office with new paint or decor
  • Stock up on new office supplies
  • Revisit our plans and re-evaluate our goals
  • Invest in learning new skills and do the course we have been putting off
  • Remember to take time out to relax and de-stress
  • Make time to exercise and get fit
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