Shark Diving in the Desert

Posted: 21st December, 2015 in Case Studies, Customer Service, Marketing Services, Motivation, PR & press, Sales , Tips & Tricks

For any marketer, coming up with innovative and attention-grabbing campaigns to entice customers is by no means easy. This is especially true when a product or service needs a new facelift, is new to the market or complicated.

A customer needs to understand the significance of using the product. So it needs to be explained or demonstrated in a straightforward way that makes sense to them.  

People are also naturally curious and love the element of surprise. So, no better way to allure customers than to create a fun and inviting environment, in such a way that people will want to find out more.

Just recently, I came across a clever example of how Samsung managed to merge scuba diving and technology in the outback of Australia with very interesting results.

Samsung were trying to demonstrate the endless possibilities of virtual reality using their GearVR headset (co-developed with Oculus VR).The technology is at still in the early stages, so the objective for Samsung was to introduce customers to the concept.

The company opened up a scuba diving shop in the middle of Alice Springs, Australia – over 1,200 kilometres to the nearest ocean. The shop was stocked with the usual paraphernalia of wetsuits, snorkels etc.

As expected, curiosity got the better of the locals as they started to drop into the store asking the same questions: “How does this work?” and “Where is the water?”

Customers were then taken into a backroom, where they were invited to take a seat, strap on the headset and experience the wonderful virtual realities of underwater diving. 

The results were amazing. People felt they were underwater reaching out to fish, whilst fearing the all-important shark. 

Afterward each demonstration, the representative showed customers how the Gear VR worked using Galaxy Note4 whilst telling them a bit more about the possibilities.

I have always believed that people want to be educated, informed or entertained. So, what struck me most about this video was knowing that that no matter how complicated a product or service might be, we can create situations that will both attract and appeal to our customers if we follow some simple rules:

  1. Think laterally and be open to trying something different
  2. Work out what appeals to your audience and what’s important to them
  3. Simplify your message and link it back to the customer
  4. Always demonstrate the benefits to your audience in a subtle and non-threatening way
  5. Create a fun and positive environment to make it an exciting experience
  6. Add a little curiosity into the mix, so people will want to find out more
  7. Leave a lasting impression

To see the full video, check out "shark diving in the desert".  Enjoy!

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