It is so nice to say thanks & mean it!

Posted: 23rd December, 2014 in Case Studies, Communications, Customer Service, Marketing Services, PR & press, Sales , Strategy & planning, Tips & Tricks

It is so nice to be able to say thank you and mean it. It is even better when you can show people your appreciation in a way that means so much to them.

Whilst scrolling through the internet just before Christmas I came across a wonderful video produced by a bank in Canada called TD Bank showing a great example of saying thanks in a very special way.

As part of their annual appreciation day, TD bank decided to show their gratitude and say thanks to a selection of lucky customers by creating “Automated Thanking Machines” in four of their branches across Canada.

Instead of dispensing money, the lucky customers were surprised with gifts that were very personal to each one of them and worth so much more than a simple thank you

The bank filmed these heartfelt moments and it was just amazing to see the impact of the kind gestures with each customer. It was also wonderful to see that the staff of TD Bank really know their customers and created very special moments which customers may otherwise never experience. 

The video certainly got me thinking and I came up with two trails of thought. 

  1. From a business and marketing perspective, it is a very clever move by TD Bank as the video has gone viral and has reached over 18 million views already. 
  2. On a human level it has left me with that “warm and fussy feeling”.

As we come to the end of 2014 and begin a new year, it makes me feel positive and hopeful knowing that there are great people in the world doing wonderful acts of kindness every day. 

To check it out - here's the link for the "Automating Thanking Machines"

On that note, here’s to a wonderful 2015!

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