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Is the customer always right?

Posted: 17th June, 2022 in Case Studies, Customer Service, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

If there is one thing, I am passionate about – it’s customer service. Often, I am reminded of the phrase “the customer is always right”. Some of you may agree with it; whilst others will not.

Now, I understand that customers are not always easy to deal with and can be demanding. And as much as many companies will have wonderful products or services, we need to remember if we don’t look after our customers - we won’t have a business.


10 Reasons why people give sales objections

Posted: 18th May, 2022 in Case Studies, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

Every so often, I see sales people shy away from sales objections. I guess it’s something they fear, they get quite nervous and then run away from the conversation. So, what can we do to deal with these situations?

As professional sellers it’s our job to deal with the objection that is presented to us. We need to get comfortable with them, acknowledge the customers concerns and deal with them. Yet, before we do any of this, we need to begin by understanding the reason why people object. 


Learn to embrace rejection

Posted: 25th April, 2022 in Case Studies, Marketing Services, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

If I was to be asked what advice I would give my younger self starting off in the world of sales, it would be to say “get used to rejection and learn to embrace it”.

Now, this may seem a little harsh. And yes, I would be lying if I said rejection is easy to handle. However, we need to remember it’s normal to feel a bit despondent at times.

Nonetheless when we work in sales, we need to accept rejection is part of the job and we must never take “No” personally.


Don’t forget to add the magic

Posted: 28th March, 2022 in Case Studies, Customer Service, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

If I had a penny for every time I heard “our policy is…” I would be a rich woman. It’s a phrase that’s said far too often. And when you really think about it, it’s very helpful.

From a customer service perspective, many of us would consider it a “trigger word” – an unfriendly and unnecessary phrase guaranteed to annoy customers.


5 ways to run a successful small business - Guest blog by Tena Shiels of Bookkeeping Academy

Posted: 13th January, 2022 in Case Studies, Customer Service, Marketing Services, PR & press, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

Anyone can set up a business, however maintaining a successful business is a lot harder to do.  his month, we have Tena Shiels from the Book-keeping Academy sharing her five great tips for any business to thrive.

Tena's knowledge is invaluable and her advise is very attainable for any budding entrepreneur. Let me take you through them one by one.


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