When is the “positive sandwich” appropriate to use?

Posted: 11th June, 2018 in Case Studies, Customer Service, Marketing Services, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

Many people will be familiar with the concept of the “positive sandwich” and others may wonder what it is? 

Rather like a sandwich, the two pieces of bread represent positive feedback whilst the filling sitting in the middle signifies the negative comment or corrective action needed. 

Often, people use it to give someone negative feedback and make suggestions in the management of employees, in sales and customer service. 

I fully understand some people are sceptical of the concept, believing it may come across as pandering, false or by watering down the problem, making it an ineffective tool. It may be impractical at times, but I think this happens when we use it incorrectly or in the wrong circumstances.


Have you adopted “the busy restaurant syndrome”?

Posted: 24th May, 2018 in Case Studies, Marketing Services, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

Do you know that feeling when you are holidays and walking down the street looking for a restaurant? You are not familiar with the area and the place is bussing with lots of people. There are plenty of choices, yet you don’t know which one to choose.

Some restaurants are busy, some half full and others empty. So, which one do you pick? 

Each time I ask this question in training, most people tell me they would choose the busy one. When I ask why I get similar responses.

They assume it must be good if everyone else is going there. Sometimes they even say they are just drawn to it. So, what does this say about us as people, as buyers or even the human condition?


Focus Ireland fights youth homelessness

Posted: 18th April, 2018 in Case Studies, Marketing Services, PR & press, Sales , Tips & Tricks

Back in September 2017, Focus Ireland launched a ground breaking campaign to highlight the serious problem of young people who are becoming homeless when they leave state care at the age of 18, here in Ireland.

A short film entitled “I can’t sleep” tells the story of a young woman called Lucy who leaves care. As the story unfolds, it takes two different paths of Lucy’s life. One side shows her as safe, happy and dancing as she gets aftercare support and housing from Focus Ireland. In the other version, she is out on the street, scared and in danger without any support which leads to a very sad and unhappy outcome.


Be prepared to join the customer’s team

Posted: 22nd March, 2018 in Case Studies, Customer Service, Marketing Services, PR & press, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

Over the years, when people asked what I worked at and I told them “sales” I reckon that sometimes they would conjure a picture in their heads of dodgy characters such as “Delboy” (Only Fools and Horses), “Arthur Daley” (Minder) or even Jordan Belfort (the Wolf of Wall Street).

Although pushy people like these gave sales a bad name, I knew it wasn’t personal. I am thankful that sales has developed a lot over the years where we now focus on “relationship selling” by putting the customer at the centre of the experience. This has taught me the importance of living by key principles which I would like to share with you:


Are you passionate or emotionally attached to your product or service?

Posted: 27th February, 2018 in Case Studies, Marketing Services, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

Over the years, I have often heard people talk about the importance of being passionate about your product or service.  When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

Customers want to deal with someone who is enthusiastic and interested in what they are doing or selling. They need to feel convinced they are making the right decision and that the person or company are committed to what they are selling.

However, like anything in life, we need to get the balance right. There are times when we get so excited about something, we can come across as a bit too excitable and scare people away.  Yet, I believe there are other concerns we need to consider.

This was highlighted to me recently, when I watched a well-known business related TV programme, where the potential mentor asked the participant the following question and this is what was said...


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