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5 ways to run a successful small business - Guest blog by Tena Shiels of Bookkeeping Academy

Posted: 13th January, 2022 in Case Studies, Cash and finance, Customer Service, Marketing Services, Motivation, Personal effectiveness, PR & press, Sales , Time Management, Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

Anyone can set up a business, however maintaining a successful business is a lot harder to do.  his month, we have Tena Shiels from the Book-keeping Academy sharing her five great tips for any business to thrive.

Tena's knowledge is invaluable and her advise is very attainable for any budding entrepreneur. Let me take you through them one by one.


It’s not just about the price

Posted: 30th March, 2015 in Case Studies, Cash and finance, Communications, Customer Service, Marketing Services, Personal effectiveness, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

Some time back, I heard a story about a photographer who was selling copies of his photographs at an average of €5 each.  The pictures were amazing and the quality of the prints was top notch.  Yet, the man was selling very little of them.

The photographer was very disheartened and spoke to a couple of colleagues about his dilemma.  One man advised him to put a frame on each photograph and price them at €70 each.  Initially the photographer was reluctant to do this and thought it was a huge risk to take.  Then he realised that he had nothing to lose as the business was not doing well anyhow.  He decided to give it a go and didn’t expect what happened next.