Why would anyone shop at TK Maxx?

Posted: 30th May, 2017 in Case Studies, Marketing Services, PR & press, Sales

Most people will agree that we all like a bit of wacky humour in our lives from time to time.  We are so used to going through the “hum drum” motions of everyday life.  So when something different comes along and catches our attention, we stop and listen.

Recently, I received an email inviting me to watch the new marketing campaign “Ridiculous Possibilities” from TK Maxx.   Naturally, curiosity got the better of me and I had to have a look. 

This 60-second clip is not only humorous; it is brilliantly direct.  I was left feeling enchanted especially having heard the hushed and subtle tones of Bill Nighly’s voice as he asked “why would anyone shop at TK Maxx?”


A person’s name is the sweetest sound…

Posted: 21st April, 2017 in Case Studies, Customer Service, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

How many times, have you found yourself in a position when you bump into someone you have met before; you recognise their face but you cannot remember their name?

Some people are great in these situations. They have the ability to recall the person’s name instantly. They also remember other details such as where they met the person, what they were wearing, among other facts.  So, the conversation runs smoothly as the two people happily chatter away about anything and everything.

Whereas when we are caught off guard, we are embarrassed and become distracted in our own thoughts. We stutter and mumble and the conversation goes a little flat - all because we cannot remember their name.

These awkward moments occur far too often with a negative effect on relationships.  So why do we let them happen?  Surely, we need do something to avoid these situations.


“I will call you back”...When?

Posted: 28th March, 2017 in Case Studies, Customer Service, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

If I had a euro for every time someone said they would get back to me and actually called, text or emailed me, I would be a very rich woman. 

This seems to be a common trait and even though it seems like “common sense” to call someone when you say you will, people do not always do it.

On many of my training workshops, I talk about the importance of following up with customers.  On each occasion, I ask two questions:

  1. Do you believe people, when they say they will call you back?
  2. Do you always follow up with customers when you say you will?


Have you got a moment?  Go on ask, it’s only polite

Posted: 22nd February, 2017 in Case Studies, Marketing Services, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

If there is one thing in life, we don’t like – it’s when we are unnecessarily interrupted during our busy day.  So, when someone we don’t know calls us on the phone immediately trying to sell us something we didn’t ask for, we almost have an allergic reaction.

As a sales person, I can fully appreciate the effort my colleagues have to make in order to do their job. Sales people have to constantly look for new leads and create opportunities to generate sales, especially when they are up against targets with tight timelines. To be successful, they also need to have a lot of resilience in order to deal with the rejection.

However, what can sometimes happen is that the sales person’s idea of “tenacity" can be interpreted as being “over persistent and pushy”, especially when things are not going so well and they are under pressure. Very often, the seller doesn’t realise they are becoming annoying. 


Don’t let this be your biggest regret

Posted: 23rd January, 2017 in Case Studies, PR & press, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

Last year, I came across a very interesting and thought provoking video called “what’s your biggest regret” created by the organisation A Plus, a digital media company co-founded by Ashton Kutcher, which features stories that create social change and make a difference. 

I was reminded of the clip just week, when I heard how the majority of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by the middle of January and it got me thinking. Why do we do this? How does it affect us?

Unfortunately most people fail, because they don’t think their pledges through. They don't set realistic goals and plan out how they are going to reach them. So how do they feel when this happens?


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