How to use the telephone to generate more sales

Posted: 15th January, 2018 in Case Studies, Marketing Services, PR & press, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

Recently, I read a report produced by the Sales Institute of Ireland that stated, “70% of participating companies experienced an increase in headcount for their Inside Sales team and they predicted a growth for 2018”.

We may live in a time where a lot of our communication with customers is online; however this report proved to me and the Institute the importance of the telephone in business.

As a result, this prompted the presentation “Using the phone to generate more leads” at a “Sales Series” event in early January 2018 with the Sales Institute, which I am happy to share with you today.


One of the Greatest Christmas Crackers – “Fairy-tale of New York”

Posted: 21st December, 2017 in Case Studies, Marketing Services, PR & press

It’s the time of year again, when the Christmas songs are playing on the radio, as they play havoc with our emotions and stir up plenty of nostalgia.

We abandon work for a week or two, take time out, recharge the batteries and reconnect with family and friends.

So, when it comes to Christmas songs, it is fair to say we all have our favourites. Some, we can describe as brilliantly cheesy; yet there are definite crackers that drill down to our senses and bring us back to Christmas past.

Over the years, people in the music industry have often dreamt about writing a number one Christmas hit. A song that could bring them success and in many cases guarantee regular income for many years to come.  In business, we call it the “Cash Cow”.


Do you believe in your product or service?  A question we all need to ask ourselves

Posted: 22nd November, 2017 in Customer Service, Marketing Services, PR & press, Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

Repeatedly, I hear people talk about the about the importance of believing in your product or service in order to be successful in sales.  It’s a strong statement and one I firmly agree with, because if we don’t believe, how can we convince someone else to buy?

Customers need to know they can trust us. If we are not convinced, people will see through us and we may come across as dubious and untrustworthy.


Acknowledging the customer, before taking action

Posted: 20th October, 2017 in Case Studies, Customer Service, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

Do you know that feeling when you are sitting in a restaurant on a Saturday night with a group of family and friends checking out the menu and wondering what you will order?

You decide on a steak and order it medium to well done. Twenty minutes later the waiter comes back to the table with your food. At this stage, you’re really hungry and looking forward to your meal. However, your enthusiasm is curtailed, when you cut into the meat and discover the steak is rare.  So, you call the waiter over, explain the situation and tell them you would like it a little more done.

The waiter stops momentarily, listens and says “right, okay, I’ll take it back”. They quickly lift the plate, turn around and dash back to the kitchen. All of this happens in less than 5 seconds.


Avoiding the leapfrog effect in sales

Posted: 20th September, 2017 in Case Studies, PR & press, Sales , Tips & Tricks, Training and mentoring

Over the years, I have regularly seen what I call the “leapfrog effect” in sales.  It is very common with small businesses where the person responsible for sales has to double up in their role within the organisation.

For example in a small IT company, you might find the sales person is also responsible for setting up and training staff on the new system. This practice seems to be normal for many service providers in various different sectors, because generally it boils down to money and resources.

Whilst it makes complete sense to maximise resources, sometimes this fluctuation can be to our detriment. When we leave our “sales development role” and step into “service provider mode”, we can get so involved in doing the job that we can take our eye off the ball in terms of generating sales.


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